Integrated Offering

Easily integrate with our other services such as Identity to assist with credit decisioning.

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Loan Origination

Manage your loan application, decisioning rules, and compliance processes.


Loan Management

Manage your loan ledger including repayments and interest calculations.


Multiple Payment Options

Collect loan payments through a variety of sources including Interac e-Transfer, and EFT.


Credit Report Filing

File reports for loan customers through Equifax and TransUnion.


Electronic Signature Capabilities

Our fully digital offering allows you to collect signatures to bind documents and complete the transaction.

Monitor and manage your loans
Confidently control the loan services you provide using our fully integrated SaaS solution.
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Lending API

Lending Platform
  • From applications to servicing, our intuitive platform allows you to manage your lending operations easily in a single application. Keep track of your portfolio with our simple dashboards and reports.
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What you're trying to do

You need to manage the lending side of your business, gathering information from customers, verifying their identity, and then managing the loan over its lifecycle.

  • Paperwork-intensive processes
  • KYC Requirements
  • Overhead for loan management

How we can help

Our software platform provides an end-to-end lending product for you and your customers. Whether it’s collecting loan applications or managing existing loans, our Lending API is the right product for you.

  • Streamlined loan origination
  • Integrated with other DCBank APIs
  • Simplified loan management

Simple Pricing.
Pay for only what you need.

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Lending Software


1,000 Accounts

All plans subject to contract.


25,000 Accounts

All plans subject to contract.


Over 25,000 Accounts

Loan Account $10.00 Per Month per load account $8.00 Per Month per load account

Custom solutions and individualized support to help you manage at scale.

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Loan Application $5.00 Each $5.00 Each
Credit File Pull $2.50 Each $1.50 Each
Credit Report Filing $1.00 Per loan account $1.00 Per loan account
Licensing Fee $12,500 Per month $12,500 Per month
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* For businesses operating in higher risk industries, additional monitoring fees may apply. Contact us for more details today