Funding for your Business

As part of our continuous effort to promote Canadian business growth, DCBank is offering free access to one of Canada’s most relevant funding tool for entrepreneurs.

Corporate Funding
In partnership with Fundica, DCBank is pleased to present the AI-powered search tool to assist your business in locating both government and private-sector funding and financial support. The search tool is updated in real time by automated web discovery, tracking bots, investors, and a team of funding specialists.

Extensive Customization
The free search tool allows you to find potential loans, grants, guarantees, credits, accelerators, and incubators for your business. You can personalize your results quickly and efficiently, filtering more than 35 search criteria, according to your needs and activities. You will also be able to favourite the programs that best appear to suit your business needs.

Find Funding Programs

Government Grants

Government Grants are non-repayable financial contributions awarded generally to support specific objectives.

Accessible: Before or during the investment.

Government Loans

Government Loans are repayable financial contributions, typically with more favorable terms than non-government loans.

Accessible: Before the investment.

Loan Guarantees

When the government acts as a loan guarantor, it agrees to repay part or all of the amounts granted in the event of default by the borrower.

Accessible: Before the investment.

Tax Credits

Tax Credits are the potential reductions or government returns on taxes, to encourage certain types of investments.

Accessible: After the investment.

Accelerators and Incubators

Accelerators and Incubators are organizations that offer a range of support and funding services to help certain businesses.

Accessible: Anytime.

Fast and Easy
The search tool uses advanced matching technology, to help you efficiently encounter some of the most relevant government funding opportunities in Canada for your business. The interface is highly intuitive: create your free account, provide the basic details of your business, and adjust the search criteria to match your needs. Once you find programs you are interested in, save them for future reference.

Discover Business Funding

Free Service
This complementary service is a free tool intended to help assist, develop, or expand your business operations in Canada by matching for-profit businesses with public funders or other support organizations. DCBank is not a lending institution and does not provide any loans. DC Bank does not participate in the negotiation or execution of any transaction or deal, or any potential transaction or deal or other funding opportunity related to this free service. The search results are provided as a free service to DCBank’s current and potential clients and for information purposes only and is not, and should not, be construed as financial advice or any other kind of advice.


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