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Personal and corporate accounts with low monthly fees.

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Personal Bank Account


  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No bill payment fees
  • No credit checks to sign up for an account
  • Debit cards, prepaid Visa, or prepaid Mastercard
  • Included free mobile and web banking
  • Free online statements
$9.95 Monthly Fee

A budget-friendly account for everyday banking, with no bill payment fees.


  • Unlimited transfers with no transaction fees
  • No holds on direct deposits
  • No minimum balances required
  • No credit checks to acquire an account
  • Available at H&R Block Canada locations
$9.95 Annual Fee

Simple and convenient choice to safely deposit and access your funds.

Corporate Bank Account


  • All-inclusive business banking solution
  • Safely deposit and access your funds
  • No minimum balances required
  • Free mobile and web banking
  • Free online statements
$49.95 Monthly Fee

Our corporate bank account solution offers exceptional value and flexibility for your business.

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