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Effortless Money Transfers

Send and receive funds seamlessly using just a phone number, email address, or our new Account Number Routing (ANR) feature.


Real-Time Transactions

Access your funds instantly with transactions processed in real-time.

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Auto Deposits

Securely automate inbound Interac e-Transfer® deposits, allowing your business to seamlessly collect payments. 


Bulk e-Transfers

Make large-volume payments.


Recurring Transactions

Schedule recurring transactions with ease. Set up regular payments and enjoy the convenience of automated financial management.

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Request Money

Request payments through phone number, email, or banking information and the recipient can accept the request with ease.

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Powerful API

DCBank’s payment solution has been designed from the ground up to be flexible and agile. Our comprehensive and intuitive API gives developers full control.

API Preview

What you can do:
  • Provide existing customers with Interac e-Transfer® Solutions
  • Perform up to 100 transactions per second with our new high-performance e-Transfer APIs
  • Create one-time transaction
  • Set up recurring transactions
  • Cancel transaction actions
  • In-app Request Money completion
  • Freeze recurring transactions
  • Save recipient (payee) information
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Change the way you pay

What you're trying to do

As a business, you need to collect or deposit funds into your customers account. Each customer prefers a different method, with a different financial institution. You need to move money quickly, securely, and in a variety of ways.

  • Complex payment needs
  • Multiple financial sources

How we can help

Our Financial Products API was designed to make moving money as simple as possible. DCBank provides flexible payment options that simplify integration and provide powerful capabilities that suit every scenario.

  • Powerful, flexible payment abilities
  • Integrated payments reporting

Simple pricing
Pay only for what you need

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5,000 Transactions

Per Month, $500 Monthly Minimum. All plans subject to contract.

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100,000 Transactions

Per Month, $3000 Monthly Minimum. All plans subject to contract.

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Over 100,000 Transactions


EFT $0.65 Per transaction $0.50 Per transaction

Custom solutions and individualized support to help you manage at scale.

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eTransfer $1.00 Per transaction $0.90 Per transaction
Bill Payment $0.70 Per transaction $0.65 Per transaction
Reversed or Returned Transaction $2.00 Per transaction $2.00 Per transaction
Visa Direct $2.25 Per domestic transaction $2.00 Per domestic transaction
$9.00 Per international transaction $7.50 Per international transaction
Trace Request $20.00 Per transaction $20.00 Per transaction
Bulk eTransfer Only available on Pro plans. $0.75 Per transaction
Interac Fee - Request Money 35bps To a maximum so $3.50 35bps To a maximum so $3.50
Inbound e-Transfer Transactions $ 0.05 Per inbound $ 0.05 Per inbound
Email Support Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
24-hour Call Centre Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Dedicated Account Rep - Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Dedicated Technical Rep - Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Sandbox Access Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon
Testing Environment - Checkmark Icon Checkmark Icon

* For businesses operating in higher risk industries, additional monitoring fees may apply. Contact us for more details today