Important Updates

Notice to Customers of Plastk Financial & Rewards Inc.

Effective March 23, 2023, Digital Commerce Bank was court ordered to continue to provide Visa sponsorship services to Plastk Financial & Rewards Inc. (“Plastk”). Services will be provided in the normal course and in accordance with the terms of the agreements between Digital Commerce Bank and Plastk for Visa sponsorship for Plastk to migrate to a new Visa sponsor.

Plastk remains responsible for providing a Visa card to you, as well as providing the credit on your account and holding your security deposit. Digital Commerce Bank is not a lender and is not party to your credit agreement. We also do not hold any security deposits. Any matters or inquiries related to your credit agreement must be addressed by you directly with Plastk. You may reach Plastk directly at 1-855-485-0102 or

If Plastk is unable to assist you, you may contact the applicable consumer affairs agency in your province of residence.

Please click on this link for a list of provincial consumer protection agencies and their contact information. Federal, provincial and territorial Consumer Affairs offices (