Digital Wallets

Build custom digital wallets.

Offer digital wallet functionality with the Wallet API.

Integrated Payment Processing Icons

Integrated Payment Processing

Collect or distribute funds across multiple payment methods including EFT and Interac e-Transfer.

Segregation of Funds Icon

Segregation of Funds

Electronically segregate funds in your account across your business or user base using Direct Deposit Tracking.

Real-time Balances Icon

Real-time Balances

Easily update your platform with balances and activity.

Detailed Reporting Icon

Detailed reporting

Receive real time detailed reporting and data in a robust dashboard.

Mappable Deposits Icon

Mappable Deposits

Assign each wallet a routable payment mapping number to automate transfers and deposits.

Achieve full control over your payments
Empower your Digital Wallet utilizing our best-in-class API tools.

API Preview

What you can do:
  • Create a wallet account for your user
  • CDIC / DDT
  • Create one-time transaction
  • Set up recurring transactions
  • Cancel transaction actions
  • Client Account
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What you're trying to do

You need to segregate your funds for your business, transferring and settling between customers and external parties, providing immediate access to e-transfers or EFT’s sent to their account on your platform.

  • Track and capture transfers
  • Initiate user payments

How we can help

Our wallet platform allows you to set up users and manage settlement using a variety of payment types including EFTs, Interac e-Transfer, and bill payments. This is ideally suited for companies looking to operate their own payment network.

  • Wallet platform & payment options
  • DDT - Direct Deposit Tracking

Simple Pricing.
Pay for only what you need.

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Digital Wallets


10,000 Wallets

Per Month, $1,500 Monthly Minimum. All plans subject to contract.


25,000 Wallets

Per Month, $2,500 Monthly Minimum. All plans subject to contract.


Over 25,000 Wallets

Wallet Fees$1.50 Per month per wallet$1.00 Per month per wallet

Custom solutions and individualized support to help you manage at scale.

Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you.

Direct Deposit Tracking$0.50 Per month per wallet$0.45 Per month per wallet
Transaction Fees$0.15 Per deposit$0.15 Per deposit
Reversed or Returned Transaction$2.00 Per transaction$2.00 Per transaction
eTransfer$1.00 Per transaction$0.90 Per transaction
EFT$0.65 Per transaction$0.50 Per transaction
Auto Deposit RegistrationOnly available on Pro plans.-$1.00 Per registartion
DDT e-Transfer Autodeposit SetupOnly available on Pro plans.-$5,000
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